Driving Growth and Value Through

BOTH Development AND Finance

We possess the knowledge and deep-domain expertise in navigating the world of railroading, intermodal, and maritime industries. Growing out from the Strategic Rail group of companies to serve the broader heavy freight sector, we bring decades of experience leading assignments for prominent clients, achieving breakthrough results in both private and public sector engagements. 

Each team member has subject-matter expertise, but perhaps more important is our ability to hold that expertise in context. Few challenges have a single solution, and the best solutions come from putting together client-advisor teams of diverse experience and the “both-and” approach.

Our Approach

BOTH Public AND Private

Heavy freight activities present both benefits and costs to the public and private sectors. The freight network is comprised of both public and private assets—and many new infrastructure projects are funded by combinations of public and private dollars. Our team’s executive experience in both private and public sectors enables us to creatively design and build partnerships for mutual benefit.

Our Approach

BOTH Real Estate AND Operations

“Location, Location, Location” are the three most important things in real estate. In a freight network, however, operations determine proximity. And in the world of logistics, proximity is measured not in miles but days and dollars. Relative travel time and freight rates largely determine the value of an industrial site or terminal, so freight operations often drive freight-centric site selection and industrial development.

BOTH Operations AND Finance

Operational dynamics directly affect capital planning and expenditures. And operations both enable revenue and create expense. Business valuations in the heavy freight sector go way beyond multiples of earnings, rather, understanding of operations and all the implications for revenue and expense give a more complete picture. Whether raising capital or buying a business, finance requires appreciation for and insights into the specific business operations.

Our Approach

BOTH Small AND Large Deals

Many clients are surprised to learn that while we have led and advised on single projects of many hundreds of millions of dollars, we also engage on smaller projects of $4 and $5M. We recognize that the industry is built upon so many smaller projects. Success requires patience, incremental steps, and phased execution.

BOTH Early AND Late Stage

Easy to find are investment bankers and advisors experienced in big business and generating headlines. Yes, we’ve been behind big news stories. Rarer, however, is our team’s entrepreneurial experience. We have founded, grown, and successfully exited several logistics businesses and real estate development projects – and we’ve failed and floundered a few times as well. Our clients benefit from all that experience. We’re comfortable assisting businesses at any stage.

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