Who We Serve


For Business

The Caplogx and Sitelogx team brings financial virtuosity with deep operating experience to bear on:

  • Turnkey rail and terminal development.
  • Purchase-leaseback of industrial rail assets.
  • Valuations and financial modeling.
  • Comprehensive freight data analysis.
  • Raising debt and equity capital.
  • Strategic acquisitions and divestitures.


For Developers

  • Co-development of industrial parks and transportation assets.
  • Crafting private-public and operating partnerships.
  • Public and private infrastructure finance.


For Government Partners

Caplogx and Sitelogx leadership is grounded in vast regional economic development experience with a focus on the associated logistics of:

  • Railroad and terminal concessions, asset acquisitions and sales.
  • Design and structuring of Public-Private Partnerships
  • Rail- and port-served industrial park and terminal development
  • Infrastructure loan and grant program advisory and underwriting.

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